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Puppy family,

I’ve found another web site by a breeder which makes an interesting presentation of disclosure information:


The more I learn, the more I realize that genetic faults are not so uncommon as are these testimonials from breeders. In an effort to be exact with the information, the writer has not dumbed down the information or made it a particularly easy read, but instead it is all there.

At this point, it is probable that one of the Chance X Tempie male puppies will be a cryptorchid. Like many other genetic problems, the explanation of inheritance of cryptorchidism, or even whether it is heritable, is unknown. Cryptorchids are themselves most likely sterile and the problem therefore self limiting (if heritable) through the male line.

The epilepsy problem described in the above url is surely a much more significant issue for pet homes than the cryptorchidism which after neutering is ‘resolved’, although the surgery is more like the spaying of a female than the typical neutering operation. Please do let me know if any of your puppies do develop problems which might be heritable.

I hope you are all fully enjoying being puppy parents!


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