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This weekend

Hello puppy family!

Well the ‘old folks’ just had quite the weekend.

I was asked to judge a few ‘overflow’ test runs at an AHBA Herding Trial and decided to do it for some ‘free entries’. On Saturday Chance took High Scoring Sheep and High Combined along with second and third placements and four championship points. For the weekend he racked up 8 championship points altogether … 8 out of the ten required for the Championship title. He already has a HTCh but he came mighty close to a HTCh2…. if there were such a thing as in agility, obedience, etc. We had some very nice runs. I felt that perhaps his best run of the weekend was his last one… He’d been getting more and more cranked up as the weekend progressed. At someone’s suggestion, I took him out on the road and threw his toy (at the risk of burning or ripping his pads) just like I used to do when he was a puppy. That was exactly what was needed to take the edge off so he could relax for his last run and he worked like a ‘grown up dog’!!! I hadn’t trialed him in almost a year. And it was quite a pleasure to do the teamwork with him, plus visit with my herding friends.

I think I shared the video of Chance herding out on the desert here recently. But in case anyone has missed seeing it, here it is again:


Tempie took Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday at the Prescott Arizona Kennel Club show. A friend, Karen Mantie, showed her for me. Karen said she was a good little girl. Still some ground to cover to finish a Championship with her. But she shows well.



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Chance and I practiced herding out on the desert today. Thought you might enjoy seeing "Dad". May need some Dramamine to make it through the video though 🙂 !!!

Here’s the link:


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